The 2012 “Parents Tested, Mommy Approved” Challenge and blog…

Hello everybody out there in internet land…

This is your trusty challenge blogger and mother to two beautiful boys… Beautiful Existence.

In the second challenge year of what is quickly becoming a decade-long drive to figure out how things work and how they affect my life and the life of others, I’ve decided to take on the media itself and challenge Parents magazine in 2012.  I plan to challenge Parents magazine, it’s writers, contributors, advertisers and readers with how their words, products and ideas really play out for a normal working mommy (ME) and my family outside the beautiful city of Seattle, WA.

My first years challenge the “Living the Goodwill Life” challenge (a challenge in 2011 to buy everything I needed from a Goodwill store) went so well, and I learned so much more about things I love in life (thrifting, supporting nonprofits and saving the environment and money!) that I started planning this challenge before I was even a quarter of the way done in 2011.

First of all, I will say that this challenge came to me from two things… First, I had my youngest son in May of 2010 and was given a year subscription to Parents magazine… so we were always reading them and had them around the house for me to constantly keep in mind.  Second, on NPR I listened to a story about a teenager that took on a youth magazine for a month as a personal challenge.  From there it only took me minutes to combine the two and decide that I was very interested in finding out how a major magazines pages influence a family’s world in real life… and VOILA!  Now you have the 2012 “Parents Tested, Mommy Approved” challenge and blog!

As you can see here I have magazines FULL of yellow sticky notes of ideas to blog about!…

So many yellow sticky notes that I had to enlist the help of my partner and friends to help me test all these different products, ideas and articles!

So here we go… today I will be finishing up my 2011 “Living the Goodwill Life” challenge and blog and starting my 2012 challenge.

My goal for this year?… that’s simple.  I hope to learn more about how media influences our lives, try a LOT of new ideas and products and meet more Parents like YOU!

-Beautiful Existence & family


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