New Year, New Challenge

For my first post of the new year we decided to take our ideas directly from the pages of Parents magazine…

This is page 15 of the January 2012 issue which talks about our first attempt at a Parents Magazine idea… a Morning Party.

We started our celebration on New Years Eve with some confetti, party favors and Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years on TV…

But none of us made it to midnight…so onto the Morning Party!

I started preparing the spread complete with special (plastic) champagne flutes of orange juice for the kids which was a festive touch…

Then we tried making the 2012 pancakes like Parents magazine suggested with a funnel in the shapes of 1’s 2’s and 0’s…

But either our gluten-free batter wasn’t able to keep up the form, or this is easier said then done because the numbers wouldn’t keep shape, SO…

Good thing Mommy thought ahead in case the pancakes didn’t work and I purchased 2012 birthday candles the night before and redesigned the idea a bit, which worked out fabulously!  Just watch them blow out the New Years candles!

Then onto the rest of our first day of 2012!  We decided to take a nice, leisurely ferry ride with the boys and then go get our family-favorite IVARS!

The pancakes might not have turned out like we wanted… but the Morning Party and subsequent day was a success!  Here is to a GREAT first day of our 2012 challenge and year!


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