Parents Pork & Potatoes

The next recipe tried from the pages of Parents magazine was found on January’s issue, page 34… part of their “Dinners Under $10” article.

As the image will show, Parents magazine estimated the cost of this dinner to be just $7.85 for 4 servings but since we did not have raisins, potatoes, parsley or chicken broth I had to purchase almost everything for this recipe in the regular size containers… which came to $20.32 even though we already had the butter and olive oil.  So the savings were not there for us on this meal.

I also improvised a bit on the recipe since I knew I had to purchase extra quantity of the items so instead of raisins (which nobody in our home will eat) I switched them out for dried cranberries so I could take the rest of the bag to work as a snack.

I also usually purchase organic or at least free-range or natural items and the Parents article didn’t specify if any of their choices were of a natural or organic variety.  Generally, cost-savings and organic or natural/free-range don’t always go hand-in-hand… usually they cost more but we are pretty conscious of many things in our life including our consumption of items… so the extra cost is a healthy choice we choose to make.

Anyways… I sliced, pounded and wrapped the pork and then put the potatoes on.  Since mashed potatoes are a favorite in our home and we use them for lots of left-over meals I decided to cook the entire bag.

This recipe was easy and quick to make!  I barely uploaded the images and wrote this post before the pork and potatoes were ready to eat… a nice plus for an after-work dinner choice.

So what’s the verdict with January’s second recipe choice???

A big YES, MORE PLEASE from the family for the taste and the length of cooking time!

But a big NO, not as cost effective as advertised if you don’t already have the ingredients and/or choose to go natural or organic with your meal.

Next post… vaccination tricks and what our NP said works better!


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