Here come the Super Bowl Ads!

With the Super Bowl weekend almost upon us, and the barrage of advertisements that millions of people (mostly) watch the Super Bowl now to see, I thought I’d start my Parents magazine advertisers series.

As we all know most magazines have ads in them, but how well do those products work for the readers?  Now all those millions of advertisers can overstep their marketing support groups and go right to the bloggers because anybody advertising in Parents magazine (at least for 2012) will know what an actual parent actually thinks, without the headaches of surveys and focus groups!

My first product is actually a product my whole family has known and grown to love… Emergen-C.

Emergen-C is purchased by the box-full for my whole family and yes, we do all believe that it helps ward off a lot of bugs that seem to fly around during the winter months AND we all LOVE the flavors and varieties Emergen-C has been producing for a while.

My personal (adult-cocktail-esque) Emergen-C recipe…

One Emergen-C pack

One 1/2 glass OJ (or another similar tasting juice to the Emergen-C pack)

fill the rest of the glass with sparkling water

mix with spoon (but don’t shake, because it will explode!)

VOILA!  An instant hit that fizzes on your tongue and puts a KICK! in your immune-step!

So before we all sit down on Sunday night for the Super-BUY of advertisements… kick back with a SUPER-Beverage of Emergen-C!  It works for this mommy and all my family!


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