COFFEE Please!!

As a Seattle native, I’m pretty particular about coffee.  I mean when you grow up around Starbucks most of your life and have multiple friends and family working at Tully’s, Starbucks, and various awesome local coffee shops like Caffe Ladro, Bauhaus, Caffe Vita and SBC  … it’s a little hard NOT to have an opinion about coffee!

I was running out of my last Starbucks bag and decided to try a Parent’s magazine advertiser’s product for the first time… Green Mountain Coffee.

I picked up my whole bean bag at my local Fred Meyer and made a fresh french-press this Sunday morning (of course complimented with my favorite coffee accessory… Coconut milk french-vanilla creamer!) and it is a lovely coffee indeed!  As I sit here typing this blog post I’m enjoying a nice Sunday morning cup o’ joe from Green Mountain Coffee.

This advertiser definitely worked and as their advertisement states “Every morning IS a fresh start” for this mommy!


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