Childhood Chores

I grew up on a farm (that my parents still own) and when you grow up in that environment you quickly learn that the word “chore” is as common as “breathing” or “eating” to you!  In fact, there was not a single second growing up on the farm that one word could not completely stop a thoroughly enjoyable day and turn it into a scarring childhood event!  (thanks for the weekend pouring cement dad… I still hold contempt for all the fun I missed with my cousins that weekend!)

Anyways, as an adult I’ve come to value those hard-working experiences and am grateful that I was taught (more like forced at times) that I shouldn’t be afraid to work hard and pitch in to help with my chores.  Many years later I’ve come to witness that not many kids were (or are) taught these wonderful life lessons so since my children are not growing up on a farm (but still can experience the pleasures of shoveling cowsh*t with Nana and Papa!) we try to encourage learning about “chores” from an early age.  Hence my post about the Parents magazine February issue called “The Chore Challenge” on page #108.

The article talks about chores for different ages like letter writing or pushing the shopping cart at the grocery store for little ones.  As their article states, pitching in together is a great tactic for getting children engaged in chores and a personal favorite of mine that has led to quite a great little helper in our youngest!  Just take a look at his “helping” action!

So if you’re trying to engage your children more in chores and/or learning the value of hard-work, try reading the Parents magazine article or trying some of their online suggestions here… it definitely works for this mommy’s family!


One thought on “Childhood Chores

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