Savor the Moments!

This March’s issue of Parents magazine had some wonderful articles in it!  Like this article about “Savor(ing) the Moments“!  Definitely worth a read, this article spoke about simple, easy ways to spend more moments in your busy lives with your little ones… not an easy task in this modern life of both parents working full-time!

But, I took these words to task and challenged myself to start finding more time to spend with both boys.  The first thing we decided to do was to start taking later evening walks (instead of watching another Netflix or RedBox movie!) and we even took their suggestion to go in our PJ’s!

Not only was it kind of liberating to just walk around our suburban neighborhood in our PJ’s but it was kind of funny to see the local kids playing Basketball look at us like we were silly!  We even decided to wear our slippers!!!

This Parents magazine article definitely worked for this mommy and her family.  Sorry Netflix and RedBox… we adore your convenient ways of entertaining us but this family is looking for a couple more nights a week of being together (not in front of the TV)!


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