Epic Behaviors

Bad behaviors… I thought that this was just set aside for the toddler years, or the “terrible two’s” but the recent Parents magazine article in March’s issue made me realize that bad behaviors happen and you can help with better behavior at ANY age!

I start with #3 “Epic whining” because well, that’s just what we have in our house right now.

I do try and put this into perspective most of the time.  The article states that it is usually around age 3 that the frustrations turn more dramatic but my little one is not even two and he is definitely showing more drama when frustrated.  After all, he is the “baby” of the family and he’s been blessed into a pretty great life with all his needs met and then some.  I also know that I as his mother spoil him quite a bit with my overly mothering ways… but darn it, he is my little one and I know this time goes FAST!  So yes, I am going to spoil him a bit and yes… that might lead to his whining more.  But the Parents magazine article not only opened my eyes on how to work with whining (such as comforting them and then standing your ground and telling them to “come find me when you are ready”) but also how to better understand the cause of it.  As with most things in life if you gain a different perspective it helps you remain calm and collected even in the middle of EPIC anything!

I like that the article even has some basic language perspective, such as “discipline isn’t punishment.  The word itself comes from the Latin for “to teach.”  And as parents we are eternally here to try and teach our children the importance of life, even when they are too tired or too hungry to know what they are being taught.

I would encourage the reading of this article if you have children between 1 and 8 years old.  It has enough perspective bits in it to satisfy any behavior appetite and worked for this mommy!


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