It worked for me!

On the first day of April, my Parents magazine gave to me…an awesome online community!

Parents online community has many things to choose to spend your time on such as “groups” with topics like “Toddlers” or “Dinner recipes”, “Vegas Moms” etc.  One of those groups is called “It worked for me” where people comment on and show pictures of the projects from Parents magazine they tried.

Enter my 2012 Parents Tested Mommy Approved (PTMA) challenge blog…

PTMA is basically a year-long version of this concept except I pull in experts I know in our life (personal trainers, parents business owners, doctors, etc.) and other real life parents/kids and get their input on the magazine’s “contributors” without some silly editor cutting out our real-life opinions!  In this April’s issue of Parents magazine they decided to add a printed version of this group’s theme…

So since this challenge is like their 1 page spread on Energizer Bunny batteries

HEY! Parents magazine!  Will you print up a 1 page spread about all the things I’ve found that “worked for this mommy”??  OR, better yet… Meredith (Parents magazine owners) let’s collaborate on publishing my book of all the pages from this year’s challenge that worked for us!   Consider this blog a draft version and let’s talk about a retainer!


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