Being a kid again

Ah, to be a child again (no, not a tween/teen or young adult) with the wisdom you have now as an adult (hopefully)… now THAT is something to dream of!

No more arm or leg breaks because you tried to swing from one tree to the next like an ape on a not-appropriate rope… Nope, you know better than that!

No more fillings at the dentist because you knew well enough to not only stop eating candy but to also brush your teeth OFTEN and floss!

No more emergency room visits at 4am from eating WAY too many cherries along with cherry-coke, chocolate cherry ice cream and whipped cream from a can because it was the 4th of July and you thought it would NEVER effect your sugar levels like it did!  No, you understand well enough that there is only SO MUCH sugar a little body can intake in less than 24 hours without painting the bed, bedroom, bathroom, mom, dad, sister and grandpa pink enough to warrant mass-hysteria in the house!

So with this wise-adult-wisdom paired with a child-like curiosity and unbound-energy I ask you…

What would YOU do if you could trade places with your child (children) for one day?  Parents magazine asked just that in the April issue via Twitter and these are a couple of ideas posted by parents…

As for me…

How would YOU answer?  Tweet your response to me (@EvolveExistence) and Parents magazine (@Parentsmagazine) today!


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