My little 22 month old has had a language explosion lately.  He is trying to say all sorts of words like Bird and Bath and Toy and Car.  What makes it a little harder is that he has had an ear infection for like 6 months straight and tubes are being suggested by our medical community.

BUT, even with this mumbled hearing he seems to have not only found a voice with sign language AND trying to say these muted words so far be it from me to discourage any sounds, even singing lately, that will appear on his lips!

In the April 2012 issue of Parents magazine they have provided a modern KIDictionary of sorts with terms that are quickly entering our family’s lexicon such as spoonami (because we don’t have locks on our silverware drawer) or lullacry (since my little one is constantly scraping a knee or something) or the harrask which toddlers seem to be really great at!  Obviously this KIDictionary works in this house-hold… I just wonder how we can teach a 2-year-old the term “blubbernecker” in sign language?

What phrases are common in your family’s lexicon?  What words could you add to this new KIDictionary??


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