Star light, Star BRIGHT!

First star we see tonight… I wish I may, I wish I might have a FLASHLIGHT PARTY TONIGHT!

April’s Parents magazine article on hosting a Flashlight Party was a HIT in our home!  They recommended things such as using a colander to get a “starry night” effect, shining your flashlight at items when asked “where is ….” and the tride-and-true finger animal making.

I pulled out the flashlights (and a recently purchased headlamp) and put them with the colander on the bed for after bath time.

My little one didn’t get that memo and snuck out to grab the light and start the party in the bathtub!

We quickly dried off and then the dog got into the show chasing the lights around which was extremely entertaining for my little one and myself to watch!

And eventually my little one had all three lights going (including the headlamp!) trying to make his own starry night with the colander!

It’s amazing how much FUN you can have with a toddler, a dog and some flashlights!  We would definitely recommend trying it out with your family tonight!


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