KEEN for our kicks!

This month I was SUPER EXCITED to see the advertiser KEEN on the pages of Parents magazine because I have needed to buy my youngest a couple of new pairs of shoes and I’ve been eyeing a couple of cute styles myself!

So, since this year’s challenge is to not only test all the contributors and ideas from the pages of Parents magazine BUT ALSO their advertisers… this was a PERFECT match for us!  Besides… how can you go wrong with such a COOL advertising slogan as “Recess is BACK”?!  AND, that picture of the family hiking near a waterfall…. OMG, it was just CALLING ME TO BUY THEM!  So I did.

I ended up buying three pairs of shoes… this super-cute sandal type for my little guy.

And I also picked up this super-easy velcro-strap everyday pair.  We both totally LOVE THEM!

And then my pair… what can I say, they are AWESOME!  I wore them to work on the first day and they were so comfy & so totally cute that I showed two people where to purchase them on KEEN’s website by the end of the day!

So yes, this advertiser definitely worked for this mommy and family and we are looking forward to a great summer with our new kicks from KEEN!


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