Arg, MAY-ties!

Today is the start of May… otherwise known as “May Day” and last night we picked up a package of Pirate’s Booty as our first Parents magazine May advertisers product to try.

As you can see they have a whole Spongebob Treasure sweepstakes right now encouraging you to take pictures with their special Spongebob bag (which our grocery store didn’t have, just the traditional bags) to win a vacation.  It’s all over their Facebook page HERE.

Usually we opt for the Gluten-free variety that does NOT have dairy in it, but as soon as we walked down the grocery store eisle and saw a big display of the regular cheesy-kind I knew we were going to be testing this product out.

The reality is that the company that makes these delicious snacks, Pirates Brand, is one of our family’s favorite snacks (well, the -mostly- dairy & gluten free “Veggie Booty” snack that is) and we regularly purchase it.

So I guess you can say, “No matter the (May) day… It’s the Booty for us any day!”


One thought on “Arg, MAY-ties!

  1. This is a comment to the admin. I discovered your “Arg, MAY-ties! | Parents Tested Mommy Approved” page via Google but it was difficult to find as you were not on the first page of search results. Hope this helps 🙂 Take care.

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