MOMMY Mad Libs

This Mother’s Day is a casual affair, with a morning to myself and then some time with my little one in the afternoon.  So with this time to myself I decided to rekindle the games of my junior-high self by finishing this Parents magazine Mother’s Day “Mad Lib”.  Ah, reminds me of another 6th grade favorite… the choose your ending stories.  Those were the days!

So as suggested in the magazine, I went onto and tried to downloaded the form HERE to fill out my Mother’s Day Mad Lib story for you.  But our printer was missing ink so I just took the pages from the magazine and started filling them in.

I have to say that the innocence of our 6th grade Mad Libs made this Mother’s Day version look like porn.  It started off with some dream sequence that made it look like mother’s only dream about screwing Brad Pitt?  I just crossed it off and started with how my youngest one delivered pancakes in bed with peanut butter all over them.  You can see I crossed a lot of other things off… honestly, most of this Mad Lib was negative towards husbands (partners) and children saying how they don’t clean things up like you want, how your kids will try to poison you and on and on… I am pretty dissapointed with your viewpoint on mommy’s and their families here Parents!

But, I wanted to finish this story with how I see my wonderful family life… so I answered on.

Again, I was crossing off more than I was writing but my story is basically a beautiful breakfast in bed that I am super grateful for.

This Parents magazine Mad Lib definitely did NOT work for mommy.

But when I changed it, my story is all that mattered in the end and that worked for me.


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