My Angel is a Cover Model

One of the things that Parents magazine has been known for is their “Kids Cover Model Contest” and this year, with my Parents Tested Mommy Approved challenge… I decided to enter my youngest son into the contest and see if My Angel is a Cover Model!

As it happens… we own a LOT of cameras in this household and we are usually snapping photos of something with our kids, family, friends… ANYTHING really.  So earlier this month at our school’s Grandparents day one of us (we are both claiming the photographer prize on this shot) took this image of our son’s BIG, BROWN EYES.  A very distinctly beautiful feature that stands out for everybody that meets him.

It’s always about his BIG, BROWN EYES as you can see below!

Big Brown Eyes, Brown Eyes, Parents Cover Model Contest, Angel Cover Model

So please cast your vote for our little guy HERE and help make this Angel a Cover Model!

Angel Cover Model

*I entered the contest through a Facebook app (application) which is a new and easy way to upload images and enter as you can see here…

Parents Magazine Cover Model Contest Facebook Application

You can also get to the Facebook Application HERE.

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