Since everything now is deemed the “i” generation (thanks Steve of whom I adore!) I decided my Parents magazine would be going digital this month!

WOW!  How easy it is to get your iPad set up… really like they say 1,2,3 and VOILA!  I was ready to read the articles, flip through the pages, skip the advertisements (which I don’t do because I’ve committed to testing them out this year during the challenge) and a myriad of other options that paper copies just don’t carry.

I decided to just try out the reading normal pages option or the “page viewer”

So cool!  Look at how you can just slide through the pages and pick the one you want to read and since I was writing up the Disneyland post (later this month) I reread through the “Daddy Does Disney” article quickly.

I have to say I do like the larger print of the iPad (no, I’m not getting old!) and the extra options and clarity of the digital version.  And with Parents magazine making it really easy to download and get going… this is definitely a WORKED for mommy moment!

And besides… now other people in our house might read the magazine too because it’s the only magazine on our iPad so far.  Brilliant idea for those magazines looking to get extra eyes on them, download onto the family iPad and truly be a magazine for all iParents!

Now if they only could make other parenting things as easy like making dinner, changing diapers or getting up at 2AM for a bottle!!!


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