Fancy Feast

Well, there must be a LOT of parents out there that have pets (who knew?) because Purina advertised their Fancy Feast cat food in this months issue so we thought we would try it for our new kitten, Kit Kat.

Parents Tested Mommy Approved, Pet, Kitty, Kitten, Purina, Fancy Feast

Purina not only was advertising their scrumptious cat food (just look at this Kit Kat LOVING her Fancy Feast for kittens!)

but they are also asking for people to Instagram their pictures with the #LoveAmazingly tag, so we did!

So get your kitty (or kitten) some Purina Fancy Feast today and Instagram those awesomesauce moments with their tag #LoveAmazingly!


2 thoughts on “Fancy Feast

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