Gummy Bears for breakfast?

Well, not exactly.  We often eat our Gummy Bear Vitamins in the morning around breakfast time, so I like to think of them more like an appetizer instead of a main-breakfast-course but no matter the eating time… we are all fans of Gummy Bear Vitamins in this house!

I often have to hide the bottle of Gummy Bear Vitamins since the little one will ask for more than one if the bottle is in sight.  Glad to see in this month’s Parents magazine that I’m not alone!

And glad to see the Parents magazine contributing doctor letting another parent know that eating multiple Gummy Bear Vitamins won’t do anything because bodies get rid of extra items we don’t need.  So even if I get that bottle out of my 2 year old’s GB Vitamin sight, if he gets a couple of extra vitamins here and there… we are okay.


2 thoughts on “Gummy Bears for breakfast?

  1. This is an interesting blog idea. I’m looking forward to seeing how the magazine tips translates into reality.
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    Lisa 🙂

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