Testing, Testing 1… 2… 3…

This is a test of the emergency mommy broadcasting system…

This is only a test…

I sit here at 4 am finishing up on a myriad of items on my “mommy to-do list” and realize that between vacations, school starting, family emergencies, job interviews, etc. etc. etc…. it is August 16th and I’ve yet to publish a post this month?!!!

So, I’m trying out our new iPad e-version of Parents magazine this morning to see how easy (or not) it is to use instead of the paper version.  I’ve already filled out a survey for Parents magazine about using the e-version and even in the brief time I’ve been using it (2 months) I have to say I really, really like the interactive part of it!  Not only do you get to see multiple photos of a shoot (like the cover, the main stories) but they have videos that are extremely effective (just watched the difference between a baby with head lag and one that didn’t have head lag at the same age, nothing like a side to side comparable for a parent to really see what something like that should look like before you go all crazy and book a million appointments with doctors and specialists or 2 am ER visits!).

One of the interactive items that I’ve discovered are things like the tests they have in the August Parents magazine issue… and since I am completely awake, aware and AWESOME at 4 am (not!) I figured what the heck… I’ll test myself if not only for the good laugh later on today.

The “midterm” test above is just funny to a mommy with a toddler.  Between answering questions on level of sanity with a whining child to the law of inertia via toddler, donuts and passed-out parent… it will give you a laugh for sure.

Next test…

Now this is a TEST!  Let’s see… can mommy answer questions a 7-year-old would know?

Well, I only scored a 3 but at least Parents magazine gave me a bronze medal for my efforts!

Which answers did I know?  I knew a flock of crows is a murder, I knew the fastest land animal is a cheetah and I knew that Kanga’s son in Winnie the Poo is named “Roo”.  But, i will add that I guessed 30 pounds for how much an average person eats in candy a year and the answer was 25 pounds (that is still pretty sad) and I guessed the small intestine was 18 feet long and the answer is 3 1/2 times the length of your body (which is close) so I think i actually deserve a 5 considering the hour of the morning!

Next test…

Wow!  Mommy must be waking up a bit more (at now 4:25 am) because i just answered 4 out of 5 questions right!  WoooHooo!  Now that deserves a gold star!

At least I think this mommy is going to be treating herself to a nice iced Starbucks beverage as a reward for all her test taking this morning.  Thank goodness the real tests of helping with my oldest son’s homework is still weeks away!  Now where did I put that homework for dummies book????


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