Tastes like Summer

When I was around 12 years old I was at a BBQ with my best friend’s family.  I remember it vividly on a hot summer day, sitting at the wood picnic table next to her with the dry, yellow grass around our shaded eating spot.  But it wasn’t the grass, or the family or what we were doing that stood out in my mind that day… no, it was the day I discovered the taste of putting salt on watermelon.

I can’t remember who suggested it, I just knew that at first I wasn’t going to like it… I can remember being VERY SURE I wasn’t going to like it and telling everybody many times before I finally tried it.  But once I had that salty then sweet rush come over my taste buds, i was a believer!  And ever since that day… I put salt on my watermelon and it is what I wait all year to be able to enjoy during the summer.

Parents magazine added some interesting information on some of the favorite summer fruits in their “Tastes of Summer” article and of course they included my personal favorite… watermelon!

I definitely don’t eat enough Kiwi’s or Pears… they just don’t have the same affection during the summer months as other fruits for me, but maybe I should start including them more?

I wonder… what benefits can I find for some of my other favorite summer fruits like peaches or fresh raspberries from my parent’s farm??  I also have a HORROR story about fresh cherries on the 4th of July… but I won’t go into that one!

This is a photo I took of my mother’s garden with a new app I just downloaded on my iPhone called 360 Panorama (that rocks!) and if you were tempted your whole life with a garden full of goodies like this… you’d have some favorite tastes of summer stories too!


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