2 School for Cool

This September’s Parents magazine has a great article about all the newest, coolest, back-2-school apps for the busy mom.

So I tried out a couple of their recommendations in preparation for school starting this week…

I started out by trying to download the “easy reader” app.

*SIDE NOTE – this app is listed under the name “OverDrive Media” and NOT “Easy Reader”*

I liked that we could tap into books from all over public and school libraries.  I downloaded it for our youngest since we are trying to encourage reading as much as possible and since he’s just a real fan of our iPhones… having multiple apps for him on our iPhones is great encouragement!  I searched one of my FAVORITE LIBRARIES of all time… the Seattle Public Library (which if you’ve never seen it is a MUST on your Seattle trip!  The architecture is so amazing that you have to explore every nook and cranny inside and don’t miss the “red floor”!)

and we found a TON of books to download to read, and that was just one library!!!  There are so many libraries to choose from, just list a city or a zip code and your off finding a new literary adventure!  This app is a MOMMY MUST HAVE!

For my oldest son I downloaded the “Digital Tutor” for help answering student’s homework questions (and which parent doesn’t need that now and again?!!)

*SIDE NOTE – this app is listed under the name “School A to Z” and NOT under “Digital Tutor”*

The app is set up nicely with easy icons to start with such as math, english, technology, spelling bee, etc.  I, of course, pick math first since that is the area that trips me up the most when remembering back 20 years to my horrible math classes with the mono-tone teacher… SNOOZE!

I start with Algebra which starts with an example and it gives options for a help sheet, a wiki page and more!  There are even videos (it will have a video icon next to the name if it has that option) to show you (and your student) how something’s done.  This app is definitely a MOMMY MUST HAVE!

So, check out the back to school apps recommended by Parents magazine and soon you’ll be 2 School for Cool!


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