School Snacks

With the first week of school I decided to try out some of the chef recommended student lunch creations in the September Parents magazine article “Out of the Bag”.

We tried Tyler Florence’s sandwich (instead of higher calorie bagel) and instead of goat cheese we switch it with cream cheese, keep the jelly and cut it into a pretty star shape.  The ideas by Tyler Florence were also only part of our school lunch since we need more snacks and items for the growing boy we have (that LOVES to climb, run around and play outside all day) so I paired his inspiration with our traditional squeeze fruits and yogurt (organic of course).

As you can see I also traded the nectarine (not a favorite here) with super yummy grapes we picked up this week at Whole Foods and I cut the ends and front off the snap peas to make it easier (and more visually appealing to a toddler).

The next day we decided to try a creation by chef Josh Capon with a tuna sandwich, blueberries and again with the super yummy snap peas.

We paired this lunch with the great Pirate Booty classic and YoKids and GoGo Squeez, all from our Whole Foods store.

We have yet to try school snack ideas from Marcela Valladolid or Ming Tsai but can’t wait to create some more tasty treats this first school week!  The updated Ramen noodles recipe looks good as well as the egg salad sandwich.  These chefs creations definitely worked for this mommy and youngster’s appetite!


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