I want my WHAMmy!

I have been lucky enough to be a Work-At-Home-Mom most of my children’s lives, but it hasn’t been easy.  With my first son, I did marketing and web site design/management for our company while I started my own Environmental Media Website and simultaneously an Environmental Children’s clothing line.  THAT was some serious work juggling!

This time around with my youngest I had a job his first two years at a nonprofit with three days a week working from home and now I’m building my third Eco-based business for launch in 2013 as well as building my writing portfolio with the release of my first and second children’s book in 2013 and of course my ongoing yearly-challenge-blogs!

Either way, being a WHAMmy isn’t as easy as traditional working moms (or dads) might think.  There is a fine line between personal and professional when it comes to answering the child or employer call at all hours of the day and night!  You have to be diligent in distinguishing (and keeping) your boundaries clear to keep the sanity in your own home.

BUT, the benefits are obviously more awesome than traditional work if you can manage to create such a career for you and your family.

In the September Parents magazine article “Be a WAHM” they go into some of the benefits and drawbacks to working at home and how to help you cope with job, kids, home, partner and still have some time for YOU!

I thought the September tweets spoke nicely to what your kids thought you do at work… especially since my kids get to see my work everyday.

I can sympathize with most of these answers since making money, playing games and having fun ARE what my children think I do when working from home!  But I guess to a child, knowing your mom will always be home for you when you need her (working or not) is worth all the money, toys and playing in the world.  Hence the answers from some insightful children.


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