Car Safety

This September 16th thru 22nd is National Car Safety week and in honor of children in cars I am taking and rechecking my younger son’s car seat safety with the Parents magazine article below.

As AAA members, we also had a great little write up in our monthly magazine Journey.

As AAA members we have access to additional online resources for properly checking car seats but I will tell you our secret in Seattle… Seattle Children’s Hospital!  We’ve went to their free car seat checkups a couple of times (every time you change a car or car seat you should have a specialist help you understand proper installation proceedures) and they are worth the wait!  These specialists are trained and certified and have resources (like huge binders with each car seat ever made!) to tap into, and many of them are nurses, doctors, teachers and concerned parents.

So during this week make sure you recheck your child’s safety in your car(s), it could save their life!


2 thoughts on “Car Safety

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