Dinner Bell!

School bells aren’t the only thing going off around here in September… the dinner bell is chiming in too, so we thought we’d try a Parents magazine suggestion for a new spin on what’s cooking.

I used the fish recipe above (except traded Flounder for Tilapia) and the green bean recipe.  Both turned out fantastic and the kids were coming back for MORE!

I made the salsa recipe but added my own “leftovers” and instead made this salsa (which was AMAZING by the way!!!) my own special way.  The recipe for my salsa is below…

1/2 pear sliced, 1/3 jalapeno finely diced, 10 cherry tomatoes quartered, 1/2 cup freshly cooked corn from the cob, 2 cloves garlic clove finely diced.  Mix all ingredients with 1/3 cup of honey and 1 lime (juiced), add a dash of sea salt and ground pepper and VOILA, dinner is served!

I finished off the meal with some decaffeinated black tea (iced) and some yummy just-baked corn bread topped off with honey butter (an absolute favorite of mine).  With the cooler fall season upon us, these recipes definitely hit the spot for our family!


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