Trick or TWEET

My kids use my iPhone for all sorts of things… gaming, naming, school work, photo taking, little-brother-crying… really ANYTHING that is needed at the time, especially if the computer, TV or iPad are all being used by others… iPhone is the backup no matter what.

With this month’s #Halloween theme I’ve been searching all the iPhone apps for #Halloween inspired #TrickOrTWEET inspirations.  Here are a couple you might want to check out…

I LOVE Instagram… so it was necessary to find the #Halloween photo-editing equivalent which seems to be the “Scary Camera Free” version.  Here are some fun images with it…

Of course since this is a whole year of Parents magazine I had to download their “Carve-a-Pumpkin” app which is great (and not scary) for my little one.

I decided to go a bit into the paranormal activity for myself and download the “Ghost Radar” app.  It’s like being a paranormal researcher in your own home?!  I can’t wait to go outside and try it out!  (but I think I’ll still stay away from the cemetery just in case?!!)

Have fun with your #Halloween apps this month and don’t forget to #TrickOrTWEET all those cute costume pics!


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