Retro baby!

This month Parents magazine suggests taking your child back to your childhood with some Retro-fit ideas!

I ADORE photo booths and immediately wanted to do this with my boys… but BOY, is it hard to find a photo booth around Seattle?!  I used to go to one with my older son for a couple of years in Boulder, CO when we lived there but they break down often and there are not very many repair men anymore so it too was short-lived.

Instead we decided to go Retro cool by cutting a record at the wonderful project called Needle on the Record.  I shared the two individually created songs I made for both boys when they were born and we talked about their wonderful qualities.  I had wanted to go into the studio and cut this record for months after hearing the KUOW program about it this summer and it closed on October 21st so it was now or never!

My boys (and family and all my friends for like the last 20 years) know that I ADORE Polaroids as well which are tremendously RETRO and if you haven’t tried any of the new Polaroid-like cameras I would recommend this easy (but not cheap) way to capture a bit of your youth with your young ones!


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