Quick on the Draw…

My oldest son has my creative gene and thank goodness for that!  I’ve always taken my families creative gene as a wonderful gift to possess and seeing it in a child is even more wonderful to watch, nurture and encourage!  Ever since my oldest and I had a children’s line of clothing he has been in an art studio (aka the extra bedroom or garage) with me working on something or even doodling in-between (hopefully not to much during!) class.

As he has gotten older his tastes for what kind of art he feels like creating have been changing too… the whimsical crayon coloring has turned into pretty great drawing abilities and all that designing of clothes has turned into redesigning larger sports objects like bikes and scooters.

This month’s Parents magazine article about drawing and the meanings of drawings is an interesting look into a child’s gift…

My son’s drawings definitely range from everyday items (like these multiple images below of his scooter pictures he wanted to take for an art competition for school) to some that show a lot into the advertising that young people are exposed to on a regular basis.

My son wanted to show off his drawings from yesterday for you…

He is constantly working on replicating characters that he enjoys from familiar cartoons and/or working on a new bike or skateboard logo design and we are thinking (and encouraging) movement towards computer aided design for his future because of this clear passion he has.  Just look at his finished scooter below… from redesign to art entry!

My suggestion to parents… read these kind of articles that talk about your child’s drawing or art abilities but more importantly ENCOURAGE their exploration of their passions because they are a gift worth sharing with the world!


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