Oh Nuts!

For some reason the holiday months make me crave NUTS like crazy?!  And apparently I’m not the only one because I see huge displays of them in every grocery store, I see gift packs carrying varieties I’ve never heard of or seen before and even Parents magazine had a couple of items about nuts in their December (online) issue.

This first one is about the seriousness of nut allergies and making sure you know what a nut really looks like once it’s shelled.

PTMA Oh Nuts!

This next image is of a Nutella advertisement.  I have not had the pleasure (ever) of eating a Nutella sandwich or on toast but I do enjoy the Whole Foods brands such as Justin’s Nut Butter, especially the Chocolate Hazelnut!

PTMA Nutella

I might have to give Nutella a try soon but if you love nuts and live by a Whole Foods PLEASE, PLEASE try my absolutely FAVORITE new nut product – Albina City Nuts – that I found before Thanksgiving and have been pleasantly addicted to ever since!  I adore their Sweet & Spicy Hazelnuts… you must try them!!


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