November always seems in-between the season of fall for me… here in Seattle we have the weather that is half-way between the warm, sunshine of summer and the crisp winds of winter. November sits on the fence transitioning pumpkins from ones of silly or scary jack-o-lanterns to ones of pie for Pilgrims. And this “fence-sitting” has also seemed to fall into place with the big Presidential elections during the first part of this month.

Our family is right on that American fence, half for one party and half for the other (with a couple of libertarians or green parties thrown in for good flavor!) so you can imagine that we have a variety of jokes and serious conversations that have led up to today. But, no matter what people seem to think… we all believe that VOTING is the most important part of all this process and a right we should never take for granted.

This month’s Parents magazine had a couple of different takes on the Presidential election worth taking a look at…

From childish, innocent ideas such as these cute kids toys

To the multi-issue article on mommy’s choices on what they want in a President (this is just a one page wrap up of the entire article)

To a small article and summary of both candidates

But no matter WHO you vote for (for President, Governor, local state representatives, etc.) just make sure you VOTE and excercise your basic American right… just in time to give THANKS at the end of November for that right!


Have a BOO-tiful Halloween!

I am almost done with my Halloween outfit and my oldest son has his done but we need to finish the youngest this week so to inspire us this month’s Parents magazine had lots of ideas and a great coupon from Michaels Craft stores!  Print it and use it for yourself too!

One way I decided to use our Michaels coupon was to get a spider, web and tacks for this awesome pumpkin idea…

We also were thinking of a traditional carved look on our front porch…

Another idea we had for our Michaels materials was to make a second Halloween Candy personalized bag…

I made one of these for my oldest son years ago and wanted another to keep for the little one (just look how small we made these?!  NOT very much candy to get a those ages!)

And of course you can use your coupon to get items for your costumes, just look at all these cute (and creative) ideas! …

If you’re wondering what those orange scissors are on the images, these are pages from my online magazine which has great how-to instructions linked into the photos.  I am really getting into this online reading thing… so much more interactive!  (but I secretly LOVE Libraries and printed copies too!)

Another option for all that candy your kids are going to gather is to trade it in for other things like toys, gift cards or MONEY!  Parents gave another example of a program you can find in your area to turn candy into $$ CASH $$ and even help sweeten the lives of others at the same time!

Have you put a LOT of time into that costume just to only wear it once or twice?  Need some other ideas for all that work?  I’ve donated my old costumes to my younger son’s preschools in the past for a dress up area.  But don’t give anything away that you can’t stand to see torn apart… it will happen!  Another idea I found this year (for those lucky costumes that didn’t get pulled apart by Toddlers) is to find a local costume store and consign them!  I ended up taking in two older costumes and in return earned enough credit for my great Mad Hatter’s hat (normally $45-50 retail)… SCORE!  And if neither of those tickle your fancy you can always try for a reward in a costume contest?!  You might just get some great prizes to share with the whole family like this idea below mentioned in Parents magazine

No matter which way you go for costumes… the stars seem to be aligned for many of us to have a completely enjoyable day and night, so savor the one day of the year we get to dress up with the kids!

Quick on the Draw…

My oldest son has my creative gene and thank goodness for that!  I’ve always taken my families creative gene as a wonderful gift to possess and seeing it in a child is even more wonderful to watch, nurture and encourage!  Ever since my oldest and I had a children’s line of clothing he has been in an art studio (aka the extra bedroom or garage) with me working on something or even doodling in-between (hopefully not to much during!) class.

As he has gotten older his tastes for what kind of art he feels like creating have been changing too… the whimsical crayon coloring has turned into pretty great drawing abilities and all that designing of clothes has turned into redesigning larger sports objects like bikes and scooters.

This month’s Parents magazine article about drawing and the meanings of drawings is an interesting look into a child’s gift…

My son’s drawings definitely range from everyday items (like these multiple images below of his scooter pictures he wanted to take for an art competition for school) to some that show a lot into the advertising that young people are exposed to on a regular basis.

My son wanted to show off his drawings from yesterday for you…

He is constantly working on replicating characters that he enjoys from familiar cartoons and/or working on a new bike or skateboard logo design and we are thinking (and encouraging) movement towards computer aided design for his future because of this clear passion he has.  Just look at his finished scooter below… from redesign to art entry!

My suggestion to parents… read these kind of articles that talk about your child’s drawing or art abilities but more importantly ENCOURAGE their exploration of their passions because they are a gift worth sharing with the world!

Retro baby!

This month Parents magazine suggests taking your child back to your childhood with some Retro-fit ideas!

I ADORE photo booths and immediately wanted to do this with my boys… but BOY, is it hard to find a photo booth around Seattle?!  I used to go to one with my older son for a couple of years in Boulder, CO when we lived there but they break down often and there are not very many repair men anymore so it too was short-lived.

Instead we decided to go Retro cool by cutting a record at the wonderful project called Needle on the Record.  I shared the two individually created songs I made for both boys when they were born and we talked about their wonderful qualities.  I had wanted to go into the studio and cut this record for months after hearing the KUOW program about it this summer and it closed on October 21st so it was now or never!

My boys (and family and all my friends for like the last 20 years) know that I ADORE Polaroids as well which are tremendously RETRO and if you haven’t tried any of the new Polaroid-like cameras I would recommend this easy (but not cheap) way to capture a bit of your youth with your young ones!

Trick or TWEET

My kids use my iPhone for all sorts of things… gaming, naming, school work, photo taking, little-brother-crying… really ANYTHING that is needed at the time, especially if the computer, TV or iPad are all being used by others… iPhone is the backup no matter what.

With this month’s #Halloween theme I’ve been searching all the iPhone apps for #Halloween inspired #TrickOrTWEET inspirations.  Here are a couple you might want to check out…

I LOVE Instagram… so it was necessary to find the #Halloween photo-editing equivalent which seems to be the “Scary Camera Free” version.  Here are some fun images with it…

Of course since this is a whole year of Parents magazine I had to download their “Carve-a-Pumpkin” app which is great (and not scary) for my little one.

I decided to go a bit into the paranormal activity for myself and download the “Ghost Radar” app.  It’s like being a paranormal researcher in your own home?!  I can’t wait to go outside and try it out!  (but I think I’ll still stay away from the cemetery just in case?!!)

Have fun with your #Halloween apps this month and don’t forget to #TrickOrTWEET all those cute costume pics!

Car Safety

This September 16th thru 22nd is National Car Safety week and in honor of children in cars I am taking and rechecking my younger son’s car seat safety with the Parents magazine article below.

As AAA members, we also had a great little write up in our monthly magazine Journey.

As AAA members we have access to additional online resources for properly checking car seats but I will tell you our secret in Seattle… Seattle Children’s Hospital!  We’ve went to their free car seat checkups a couple of times (every time you change a car or car seat you should have a specialist help you understand proper installation proceedures) and they are worth the wait!  These specialists are trained and certified and have resources (like huge binders with each car seat ever made!) to tap into, and many of them are nurses, doctors, teachers and concerned parents.

So during this week make sure you recheck your child’s safety in your car(s), it could save their life!

I want my WHAMmy!

I have been lucky enough to be a Work-At-Home-Mom most of my children’s lives, but it hasn’t been easy.  With my first son, I did marketing and web site design/management for our company while I started my own Environmental Media Website and simultaneously an Environmental Children’s clothing line.  THAT was some serious work juggling!

This time around with my youngest I had a job his first two years at a nonprofit with three days a week working from home and now I’m building my third Eco-based business for launch in 2013 as well as building my writing portfolio with the release of my first and second children’s book in 2013 and of course my ongoing yearly-challenge-blogs!

Either way, being a WHAMmy isn’t as easy as traditional working moms (or dads) might think.  There is a fine line between personal and professional when it comes to answering the child or employer call at all hours of the day and night!  You have to be diligent in distinguishing (and keeping) your boundaries clear to keep the sanity in your own home.

BUT, the benefits are obviously more awesome than traditional work if you can manage to create such a career for you and your family.

In the September Parents magazine article “Be a WAHM” they go into some of the benefits and drawbacks to working at home and how to help you cope with job, kids, home, partner and still have some time for YOU!

I thought the September tweets spoke nicely to what your kids thought you do at work… especially since my kids get to see my work everyday.

I can sympathize with most of these answers since making money, playing games and having fun ARE what my children think I do when working from home!  But I guess to a child, knowing your mom will always be home for you when you need her (working or not) is worth all the money, toys and playing in the world.  Hence the answers from some insightful children.