I consider myself pretty lucky in life because I’ve been given so many opportunities to truly understand the beauty of the “truly important things in life” such as love, family, friends, travel, nature, education and creativity.

One of those items, family, has offered me many lessons in love and life, specifically with my siblings, a younger sister and brother.  I have had so many memories with both siblings that I will cherish forever (or some that I want to forget but in our age have now become jokes we all laugh about!).  I valued the importance of siblings so much that when my oldest son was born I knew I never wanted him to be an only child.  Unfortunately, my life only allowed for him to have a sibling when he was already ten years old and had lived most of his youth by himself.  But, I am an eternal optimist and believe that even with this decade of time between my two boys that eventually when they are adults they will appreciate each other’s presence in their lives in a sibling way.

When I see photos like the one in Parents magazine (below) I am often reminded of my boys and how their sibling presence will affect their lives in positive (or sometimes negative) ways but in the end when I’m gone they will at least have each other.

I already see my youngest son looking up to his older brother, and often have to remind the older son that this little boy admires his every move (so he shouldn’t encourage dangerous jumping-off-the-chair behaviors yet!).  And every once in awhile I see this exchange of love and knowledge sharing happening between them without my cue or oversight and it is one of the most precious things in the world to behold as a parent!

These moments remind me of all the times I spent with my own siblings on our farm growing up together and they always make me smile.  I can only imagine how both my boys will look back on their lives many years from now and know the joys of having a sibling and smile just the same way!

Sybil and Jared, you both have been amazing siblings that have shaped the best moments of my life and this post is for YOU!