Now I lay me down to sleep…

My older son is like me and my father… we can sleep standing up on a moving train with the horn going off and passengers bumping into us if we are tired!  We three are sleep specialists.  But my 2-year-old… not so much.

I have battled his insomnia, night terrors, peed-through-my-diapers-PJ’s-sheets-mattress-and-mommy’s-arm sleeping issues and the child keeps coming back for more!  It’s gotten to the point that we’ve tried everything from baths before bed to homeopathic remedy’s and now I’m booking appointments for sleep specialists at Children’s hospital!

So when Parents magazine had their article “The Need for Naps” I immediately clicked with the contents.  Yes, in my opinion (and the Parents advisor Jody Mindell, Ph,D., author of Sleeping Through the Night) if a toddler doesn’t nap well all sorts of chaos can occur.  Luckily, my youngest often naps well with one of her tips… schedules!

We have learned in 2 years that schedules for napping between home and daycare are SO IMPORTANT that we absolutely alter our daily routine/schedule to accommodate his napping.  It’s just better this way for everybody…believe me!

Now, if we could just get the night-time sleeping down to a science.  Maybe by the time he’s 18 mommy can rest easy again at night??  Nah.


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