This is the end…

Well another challenge year has ended and I’ve had a blast in 2012 investigating Parents magazine contributors ideas, comments and advertisers and would like to say thank you to them all for such a great year!

But where one door closes another window opens and my 2013 challenge to ONLY eat and drink Starbucks (Starbucks & Stripes Forever) is only hours away and I’m already getting nervous for what it might hold?!

Another change to my yearly blogs is that all future years challenges will be held under my new slogan “1 Year Of My Life” with both Facebook and WordPress pages where you can read all about it in one place!

So ends this year’s Parents Tested Mommy Approved challenge.  But here is to finding out what 1 Year Of My Life holds!

-Beautiful Existence


Testing, Testing 1… 2… 3…

This is a test of the emergency mommy broadcasting system…

This is only a test…

I sit here at 4 am finishing up on a myriad of items on my “mommy to-do list” and realize that between vacations, school starting, family emergencies, job interviews, etc. etc. etc…. it is August 16th and I’ve yet to publish a post this month?!!!

So, I’m trying out our new iPad e-version of Parents magazine this morning to see how easy (or not) it is to use instead of the paper version.  I’ve already filled out a survey for Parents magazine about using the e-version and even in the brief time I’ve been using it (2 months) I have to say I really, really like the interactive part of it!  Not only do you get to see multiple photos of a shoot (like the cover, the main stories) but they have videos that are extremely effective (just watched the difference between a baby with head lag and one that didn’t have head lag at the same age, nothing like a side to side comparable for a parent to really see what something like that should look like before you go all crazy and book a million appointments with doctors and specialists or 2 am ER visits!).

One of the interactive items that I’ve discovered are things like the tests they have in the August Parents magazine issue… and since I am completely awake, aware and AWESOME at 4 am (not!) I figured what the heck… I’ll test myself if not only for the good laugh later on today.

The “midterm” test above is just funny to a mommy with a toddler.  Between answering questions on level of sanity with a whining child to the law of inertia via toddler, donuts and passed-out parent… it will give you a laugh for sure.

Next test…

Now this is a TEST!  Let’s see… can mommy answer questions a 7-year-old would know?

Well, I only scored a 3 but at least Parents magazine gave me a bronze medal for my efforts!

Which answers did I know?  I knew a flock of crows is a murder, I knew the fastest land animal is a cheetah and I knew that Kanga’s son in Winnie the Poo is named “Roo”.  But, i will add that I guessed 30 pounds for how much an average person eats in candy a year and the answer was 25 pounds (that is still pretty sad) and I guessed the small intestine was 18 feet long and the answer is 3 1/2 times the length of your body (which is close) so I think i actually deserve a 5 considering the hour of the morning!

Next test…

Wow!  Mommy must be waking up a bit more (at now 4:25 am) because i just answered 4 out of 5 questions right!  WoooHooo!  Now that deserves a gold star!

At least I think this mommy is going to be treating herself to a nice iced Starbucks beverage as a reward for all her test taking this morning.  Thank goodness the real tests of helping with my oldest son’s homework is still weeks away!  Now where did I put that homework for dummies book????

COFFEE Please!!

As a Seattle native, I’m pretty particular about coffee.  I mean when you grow up around Starbucks most of your life and have multiple friends and family working at Tully’s, Starbucks, and various awesome local coffee shops like Caffe Ladro, Bauhaus, Caffe Vita and SBC  … it’s a little hard NOT to have an opinion about coffee!

I was running out of my last Starbucks bag and decided to try a Parent’s magazine advertiser’s product for the first time… Green Mountain Coffee.

I picked up my whole bean bag at my local Fred Meyer and made a fresh french-press this Sunday morning (of course complimented with my favorite coffee accessory… Coconut milk french-vanilla creamer!) and it is a lovely coffee indeed!  As I sit here typing this blog post I’m enjoying a nice Sunday morning cup o’ joe from Green Mountain Coffee.

This advertiser definitely worked and as their advertisement states “Every morning IS a fresh start” for this mommy!